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Coat of Arms of New Derby
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The Commonwealth of New Derby is a unitary democratic sovereign state located in the South Pacific Ocean, north of the Pitcairn Islands and south of the Hawai'ian Islands. New Derby was uninhabited until it was settled by the British and Italians in 1803, which led to disputes over the national identity of the islands. As of the 2012 Census, New Derby has a population of 61,348 people, with the largest urban area being Potato City, Potato Prefecture. The capital of New Derby is Embankment, which is located in the Bastion Prefecture. Other prefectures include the Verona Prefecture and the Cook Prefecture. New Derby has a total of six geographical regions spread across three islands and eleven rivers all located on New Derby Island. The nation has a high standard of living and large urban population, and the government maintains a diverse and developed mixed market economy.

New Derby was found on August 28th, 1773, when Captain James Cook discovered the west coast of New Derby Island. The islands were not settled until 1803, when British and Italian migrants settled on New Derby Island. The British took over the large Italian colony in 1813, during the short Derbish Colonial War. The Italians later caused the Derbish Civil War in 1886. New Derby was given independence as the Commonwealth of New Derby in 1902, where its independence caused adrastic slow in its growth. The Japanese invaded and occupied the islands during World War II, and the Commonwealth was liberated by the Australians and New Zealanders. New Derby experienced a short period of growth in 2004, but the 2007 recession put the growth to a halt.

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